Words of Wisdom 001: On facing uncertainty

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On facing uncertainty

To grow in fortitude, learn to embrace taking bold action in the face of uncertainty. Outcomes are never guaranteed. Growth requires risk. Learning to accept the unknown is key to progress.

But how do you find clarity in the chaos of uncertainty? What can bring hope?

Principled action is how to focus your efforts and forge a path forward when the best choice is unclear. And the way is always uncertain.

To grow in fortitude, daily expose yourself to uncertainty. Learn not only to endure but to invite and embrace difficulty. Regularly face obstacles and challenges that require courage, hope, and curiosity.

Choose difficult things every day to grow your discipline, and in turn, you will increase your influence and freedom.

A question

Choose 3 difficulties and ask yourself: What is the opportunity here?

Books About Facing Uncertainty

With all the uncertainty that the last 18 months have brought, I decided to dig into history to remind myself that this is not the first time entire continents have undergone massive upheaval.

I've enjoyed two books recently that go into great detail on the challenges of facing uncertainty. In Grant Moves South and Grant Takes Command, author Bruce Catton insightfully recounts the gripping tale of U.S. Grant, his rise to become a General in the Civil War, and how he navigates the difficulties of leadership. War brings out complicated variables, many unforeseen challenges. Grant was a master at strategy and taking bold action in the face of the brutal reality of facing death and the uncertainty of war.

Another book helpful with facing uncertainty is the classic Man's Search for Meaning. It should be required reading for all humans. Viktor Frankl gives a stunning account of surviving the holocaust and what led some to survive and others to die in unspeakable deprivation and difficulty.


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