Virtue and moral character - Concept

A virtue is behavior showing high moral standards.

Virtues are relatively constant, enduring, and interconnected behavior traits of moral character.

Deep reflection and definition of virtues goes back to Aristotle's seminal work, Nicomachean Ethics.

Virtues are fairly predictable dispositions of character.

Virtues are interconnected. You cannot develop faithfulness, without purpose, hope, humility, and love.

Many virtues can be thought of on a spectrum, balanced in between. Courage is not at the opposite end of the spectrum from fear. On one end of the spectrum is fear, or cowardice, and on the other is recklessness. Courage is balanced somewhere between these two tensions.

Your virtue, or moral character, is more important than your external success. Wisdom is the most important thing you can pursue in your life.

Virtues are a skill and can be developed with effort over time through various practices. They are best developed in community.

Wisdom is virtuous skill in living. Wisecraft has mapped a system of virtues and how they can be crafted.

The Core Virtues are a set of fundamental, interconnected virtues to prioritize developing in your life.

Developing virtue in your life will lead to thriving individuals and communities.

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