Wisdom = virtuous skill in living.

There are many virtues, and various lists of virtues. Wisecraft has defined a system of interconnected virtues.

What are the core virtues?
   - Love:
       - Kindness, Friendship, Generosity, ^^Patience^^, ^^Hope^^, Forgiving, Justice,
   - Purity:
       - Prudence, Simplicity, Self control, Humility, ^^Self sacrifice^^, Faithfulness, ^^Fortitude^^
   - Knowledge
       - Emotional Intelligence, Social intelligence, Curiosity, Creativity, Rational thinking, Truthfulness, Purpose, Spirituality

How are virtues developed?

Virtues are developed through deepening presence, reflection, and learning new ideas. Engaging the will by making a commitment to change.

Virtues are developed through practice. Sometimes you must live your way into a new way of thinking.

Virtues are developed through relationship. We grow through shared attention, shared focus. Knowing and being known. Sometimes we change how we see ourselves and others simply because we are loved, not because we do anything to deserve that love.
Wisdom can be developed by the fundamentals of wisdom and the elements of wisdom.

The fundamentals of wisdom are composed of: practice, presence, and connection.

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