WoW 035: On questions to become mature [Words of Wisdom]

We can be too focused on certainty, answers, and looking like we know what we are talking about. But the people who will have the most influence and who can do the most good can live with the most uncertainty.

A vital part of the skill of curiosity is to make space for uncertainty, to be comfortable with not knowing.

If you want to grow, ask yourself better questions. Questions that lead to curiosity and perhaps don't have immediate answers.

Identify the kind of person you admire.

What character traits do they have?

What values do they have?

What questions do they ask?

What do they believe?

What actions do they take when they feel stuck?

Sometimes it's pretty simple, but not always obvious. Ask yourself better questions. Then get to work on living out the questions.

Enjoy the unknown by enjoying the questions.


"It is easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions rather than his answers."

Pierre Marc Gaston de Lévis


The next time you are with a wise friend or someone you respect from afar and want to know better, ask: What questions are you asking?


To reflect on more powerful questions, consider this.

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