WoW 038: On checklists [Words of Wisdom]

Checklists organize your thinking, minimize costly mistakes, systematize your choices, and enable you to repeat and improve your systems iteratively over time. They also encourage you to experience small wins and see your progress.

Checklist possibilities are endless:

  • groceries
  • daily movement
  • recipes packing
  • sales funnels
  • reading lists
  • morning or evening routines
  • business processes
  • conversations talking points

Identify any system or process you repeatedly do. Create a checklist for it.


“Checklists turn be among the basic tools of the quality and productivity revolution in aviation, engineering, construction - in virtually every field combining high risk and complexity. Checklists seem lowly and simplistic, but they help fill in for the gaps in our brains and between our brains.”

Atul Gawande, Surgeon


What’s missing?

How might I improve the checklist?

Who needs to use the checklist?

What is one checklist I could create today?


The lowly checklist will help. Don't over complicate. Improve what you are doing with checklists.

✅ Live wisely,


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