WoW 039: On a formula for leadership [Words of Wisdom]

Here is a simple way to break down leadership into some of its most fundamental elements.

Leadership Formula

Vision + Action + Faith + Influence = Great Leadership

Vision - the higher the vision to create value for people, the more others benefit.

Action - taking aligned actions with the highest values is meaningful action. Using one's power and authority to sacrifice so that others benefit.

Faith - the ability to hold uncertainty and make decisions based on principles and values

Influence - the ability to use skills in authenticity, generosity, kindness, and passion to help others follow your lead.

Vision + Ownership.

The burden of leadership then is that the leader is dreaming the biggest dreams and is the one most responsible for making those dreams a reality.

But it turns out that the person who takes the most responsibility also has the greatest opportunity to grow and serve others.


"It's easy to just not care - it's another story to care a lot, face your uncertainties, and inspire others to move toward a shared vision"

Chris Swanson, from a conversation


How does my vision create values for others?

What uncertainty do I need to feel to accomplish meaningful action?

What part of the leadership formula can I most grow in?


The world needs more leadership, and all it takes is for you to step up and serve.

Live wisely,


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