WoW 043: On darkness and desire [Words of Wisdom]

To the degree your heart is pure, you will create purity. To the degree that your heart becomes tainted in fear, anger, wounds, or selfish desires, you will inevitably weave impurity into who and what you are becoming.

Be gentle with yourself. Everyone you know has a heart that has been bent and twisted through wounds and impurities.

When disconnected or dominated by our darkness, our desire becomes twisted.

When we dwell in our darkness with curiosity and compassion, we come to know that the same darkness that was once our dungeon becomes the doorway to discovering our deepest desires.

We all have longings and desires. Instead of seeking to divorce yourself from your desire or choose to make desire your King, simply pay attention to it. Be curious. Feed it. Be playful. Freedom has made friends with passion.

Learn to notice when your darkness is whispering lies to your desire. Find the middle way of learning and playing with your passion without being ruled by it.

The doorway to deep maturity always opens to facing the terror of our darkness and opening ourselves to love. When we live in the light of love, our desire blossoms to the highest good.


"Since he was lost in the dark without hope, and could neither go on nor back, Bilbo accepted the challenge"

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings: One Volume

"If you have a story filled with pitiful language, you have a hopeless existence. But if your words dare to do justice to describing the darkness of pain and evil and all the more give voice to the power of hope and love, you have a meaningful life."

Josh Kalsbeek, WoW 040: On the language of change


What can you learn from your fantasies?

What stories help you understand your darkness?


What you desire is a kind of map to the stories you have been telling yourself. The greatest stories lead you to love God, yourself, and others.

Live wisely,


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