WoW 046: On pregnancy and wisdom [Words of Wisdom]

You are either pregnant or not pregnant. You may not know you're pregnant. But there is no way to be partially pregnant. You are 100% pregnant or not pregnant at all.

You cannot accidentally become pregnant. If you are pregnant, it's because of a specific, intentional act.

What is obvious and true of a woman's biology is true of the path to becoming wise.

You are either moving towards wisdom or foolishness. One way gives birth to life, and the other to death.

Just by reading this, it shows that you desire to become wise. So raise your standards. Take ownership of your life and choices and seek to live in the truth at all times.

Pursue excellence and perfection in all you do.

Don't think too highly of yourself; always seek to learn from others. Don't show favoritism, but be kind and respectful to all. Be mindful with your words and seek to master your speech. Whether your inner dialogue of what you tell yourself or how and what you say to others, your words give life or death.

You will be far from perfect, but living in the truth means you seek not to lie to yourself, and it means you will seek to be rigorously transparent and honest to at least one other person. So when you fail and fall short, own it, turn around, and get back on the way of wisdom. Profound learning comes from reflecting on your mistakes, identifying an underlying principle of reality you violated, and making different choices.

Seeking perfection does not make you more valuable or worthy of love. The path to wisdom requires that you don't cut corners. The way of wisdom shows up in everything you do.

If something or someone annoys you, get curious and seek to understand why.

When you are tempted not to be pure in your honesty or integrity, surrender this to God. A small compromise here and there adds up and will lead you down the path of unintended destruction.

Although wisdom leads to flourishing, it does not always lead to flourishing for yourself. Wisdom is not necessarily pleasant, pleasing, or easy. Sometimes the wise way is a way of dread, difficulty, and sacrifice so that others might be free. In fact, wisdom remains open to suffering, and it does not wall itself off from all pain or risk. The only way to avoid suffering is to take advantage of others and force suffering upon them. Like pregnancy, love is opening yourself to inconvenience, pain, and betrayal.

You are either on the way to wisdom which gives birth to flourishing, or the way to foolishness which gives birth to destruction. It is your choice, every day. It is always your choice.


"Whatever circumstances life brings you, you will be more likely to succeed and find happiness if you take responsibility for making your decisions well instead of complaining about things being beyond your control. Psychologists call this having an "internal locus of control," and studies consistently show that people who have it outperform those who don't."

Ray Dalio, Principles

"The world says, "When you were young you were dependent and could not go where you wanted, but when you grow old you will be able to make your own decisions, go your own way, and control your own destiny." But Jesus has a different vision of maturity: It is the ability and willingness to be led where you would rather not go."

Henri Nouwen, In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership


Am I focusing on how others are falling short or on who I am becoming?

What is one small way I can choose excellence?

What can I learn from my mistake and what principles did I violate?


Stay committed to wisdom. Stay committed to living in the truth. Truth is the foundation for getting to where you want to go.

Live wisely,


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