WoW 138: On the power of presence [Words of Wisdom]

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WoW 138: On the power of presence

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Wake early. Get up before the sun rises to give yourself extended time to connect with God.

This single practice will have a compounding impact on your life.

Presence comes before power.

If you don't prioritize sitting in God's presence and connecting with Him, you will limit how you experience His power and will limit see God's cooperation in answering your prayers. If you don't learn to sit with others in deep presence you won't be able to influence others with power.

If you can't or don't yet prioritize sitting in silence and solitude with God you have the potential for significantly more breakthroughs in your life.

Don't focus on pursuing power. Pursue God's presence.

Don't focus on pursuing fame. Pursue making God famous.

Don't focus on pursuing pleasure. Pursue worshiping God.

Don't focus on avoiding suffering. Pursue the highest purpose that you can dare.

Don't focus on pleasing others. Pursue serving them.

The more you can sit in peace the more you can give peace to those around you. Be a peacemaker first in your own soul, and then you have the chance to be a peacemaker with others. Peace doesn’t grow absent of chaos or struggle, peace comes when you carry the peace of God with you in the midst of the storm.


"Acquire a peaceful spirit, and thousands around you will find salvation"

St. Seraphim of Sarov as quoted in ​The Acquisition of the Holy Spirit​, accessed April 20, 2023.

"We must never settle for harmony with God, we must have intimacy."

Attributed to A.W. Tozer


  1. What practical steps can you take to prioritize spending time in God's presence each day? How can you make this a consistent habit?
  2. In what areas of your life are you currently pursuing power, fame, pleasure, or the approval of others? How can you shift your focus to pursuing God's presence instead?
  3. Consider the quote by St. Seraphim of Sarov. How have you seen the impact of your own inner peace on those around you? How can you cultivate a more peaceful spirit?

(Use these questions as journal prompts and to guide your prayers this week)


It's not always obvious how sitting in God's presence can impact your life but it is arguably your most valuable pursuit.

Live wisely,


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