WoW On the Daily Leader podcast: On leading from virtue and wisdom [Words of Wisdom]

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WoW On the Daily Leader podcast: On leading from virtue and wisdom

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This week's Words of Wisdom is a bit different. I had the privilege of being interviewed by some friends on their podcast called the Daily Leader. The episode is called Leading From Virtue and Wisdom. Brad McDonald and Taylor Jessup sat down with me to discuss what contributes to a great leader holistically, the effects of virtue and vice in everyday leadership, as well as what it looks like practically to seek and embrace wisdom.

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Here are some time stamps from Youtube for poignant moments:

4:02 Here is a bit about my ​life story​, and my initial calling to serve.

7:55 Why is it ​so difficult​ to grow as a leader?

11:01 Goals and ​self narratives​ and identity

13:05 The ​concept of telos​ and prioritizing goals

18:08 The ​transformational power​ of pursuing wisdom

31:40 What is ​virtue​?

33:00 ​Can people change​ or become better? What might that look like?

40:34 Why do leaders seem to have a ​higher rate of addiction​?

50:38 What are ​vices, or strongholds​?

56:32 A simple way to grow in ​emotional intelligence​ and the value of learning how to speak about your emotions

58:55 The ​consequences of vices​

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