Meaningful Action - Concept

Life is full of meaning, although sometimes it is not so easy to see.

You will grow with a sense of purpose as you grow in taking meaningful action.

Meaningful action is when you take action in alignment with your deepest values. It's not so much the act itself, but the intent behind it that matters most. You can do small things with a deep sense of presence, and it will be meaningful.

The Meaningful Action series will explore the fundamentals of what it is to be human and live a life of flourishing. Our thinking must cover things like evil, purity, the human will, and prayer to do that. I hope it stirs your thinking and inspires you to pursue the most meaningful action in life possible: living wisely.

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"When we look at something as terrible as a terrorist attack, we might be inclined to say we’d be better off in a world that just has vegetables and minerals. But if you think about it a bit, you’ll realize that nearly everything in your life that is of value would be gone. There wouldn’t be any evil, but there also wouldn’t be any good. It’s because of the great value of what is good in human life that a world that allows for evil, but also responsibility for good, is much more valuable and desirable—even with the pain—than a world that has only minerals and vegetables, or nothing at all. If personality and character are not regarded as having a very great value, it would clearly be wrong of God to permit the actual suffering and wrongdoing that occurs in order to procure it. But the moral development of personality is possible only in a world of genuine freedom."

Dallas Willard, The Allure of Gentleness

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